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AB-330 15R Beam

  • AB-330 15R Beam
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Voltage: 100V~240V/50-60Hz

Ballast: E-ballast

Lamp: Philips 300W

Color temperature: 7500K

Average Lifespan: 1500H

Color: 14 color + blank color wheel

Gobo: 8 rotation gobo + 4 Iris

Prism: Rotation 8-facet prism,

Lens: High precision optical lens

Wash effect: Adjustable Wash effects angle

Beam: Multi-class beam adjustment

Focus: Linear adjustment

Dimmer: 0-100% linear adjustment

Pan/Tilt: X axis 540° Y axis 240°automatically accurate positioning

Beam angle: Parallel beam angel 0-2.3°, frost angle 8°

Strobe: Double lens strobe (0.5-14 times/ second)

Motor: 11pcs mute sound motor, 2pcs three phase motor, 16bit driver

Control mode: Standard DMX512

IP set: Automatic Charging battery, IP could be set without electricity

Channel: 16 CHS

Features: Remote control lamp's switch function, display light and

lamp's using time, Automatically adjust cooling-fan's speed,

50% energy saving when strobe lens shutter

Structure: Heat-proof plastic + module pressing alloy materials

IP Rate: IP20

N.W.: 21.5KG

Package size: 480*450*570MM 



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